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Sac En Gros: your wholesaler in touchscreen gloves for women and men

Do you sell fashion accessories to fight the cold such as hats, scarves, mittens and winter gloves in your store? As a supplier, we offer you pairs of touchscreen gloves for thermal insulation while allowing you to use your touchscreen phone.

Comfortable to wear, our gloves have ends so you can write on touch screens or pick up your phone without having to take off your pair of gloves and face the cold weather. Do not hesitate to order: our delivery costs are at a fixed price with no minimum purchase required.


Use gloves as protection against the cold

Whether your customers are working in material handling, on a scooter, an ATV, or just moving from point A to point B in cold weather, they need to wear gloves to keep their hands from getting cold and keep their hands warm. palm of hand, their wrists and fingertips.

Problem: With gloves on, it is impossible to surf the internet using your smartphone, to pick up a call, to send an SMS or to scan social networks. Your customers are therefore forced to remove their gloves and expose their joints to the biting cold of fall-winter.

Finally, that's without counting on the touchscreen gloves ...


Tactile gloves to use your phone while keeping your hands warm!

It is possible to use mittens to keep your fingertips available for your touchscreen. But it is cold and the first phalanges are likely to feel it! That’s why tactile gloves are great for hand protection. They are comfortable, warm and light at the same time and above all they allow you to use your smartphone without risking frostbite thanks to the tactile material on the thumb and forefinger.

Our gloves are made of acrylic with an elastic at the wrist for a windproof effect. You will find different colors for more fantasy: multicolored, two-tone black and dark gray, khaki, brown ... For men and women, they are available in one size at wholesale price ... Order now!

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