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Sac En Gros: your umbrella wholesaler

Do you sell umbrellas in your store? Are you looking for products with an unbeatable price-performance ratio? We are supplier of stylish umbrellas with great resistance to strong wind and low price to let you make attractive margin on resale.

Discover our models of fancy umbrellas of superior quality (but at discount prices) according to the arrivals and propose novelty regularly to your customers. Make the umbrella a real fashion accessory and not just an object against the rain.


The compact folding umbrella for men and women

Against bad weather and to stay dry on bad weather days, the mini umbrella for women or for men is the essential accessory. It must also be wind resistant to avoid overturning at the slightest gust of wind.

Our models are made of polyester with automatic opening and manual closing. If your customers are looking for an umbrella that is super durable and foldable at the same time so as not to take up too much space in a purse or backpack, this is the optimum protection!

Our wide range of umbrellas for women and for men gives you the choice to satisfy all your customers. Do not hesitate to order for fast delivery at one price and with no minimum purchase.


Original umbrellas to face rainy days in style!

Beyond being very robust with an easy grip thanks to the ergonomic handle, the umbrella is not only functional: it transforms into a fashion accessory for shelter and walking in the rain in style. We offer different colors and patterns to brighten up rainy days.

Yellow umbrella, red and white umbrella, navy blue umbrella, black and white, multicolor, two-tone, polka dot, white umbrella, striped ... Give your customers the choice of an original umbrella, with solid ribs, to protect themselves from rain and watch a rainbow while waiting for the sun to return. Do not hesitate !

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