Handbag SM011 - SacEnGros
Handbag SM026 - SacEnGros
Handbag CK-027 - SacEnGros
Handbag CK-041 - SacEnGros
Handbag CK-043 - SacEnGros
Handbag AM0057 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14044 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14043 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag MT625509 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag MT625507 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14035 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag ZI15026 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14032 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14031 - SacEnGros
Handbag AM0056 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14029 - SacEnGros
Handbag AM0013 - SacEnGros
Handbag AM0060 - SacEnGros
Handbag AM0055 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag ZI15023 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14028 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14027 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag EL005232 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag EL005163 - SacEnGros
Handbag in cork and leather EL005342 - SacEnGros
Handbag in cork and leather EL005355 - SacEnGros
Handbag in cork and leather EL005195 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14024 - SacEnGros
Cork handbag OMS14022 - SacEnGros
Handbag in cork and leather EL005194 - SacEnGros
Handbag in cork and leather EL005367 - SacEnGros
Handbag in cork and leather EL005243 - SacEnGros

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The fashion of the cork handbag has been very successful in Portugal and arrives in France.

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