Pack 5 Pcs Ring OG21153 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21152 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21151 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21150 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21149 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21148 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21146 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21145 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21144 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21143 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21142 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21141 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21140 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21139 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21137 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21136 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21135 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21134 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21133 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21132 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21131 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21130 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21129 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21128 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21127 - SacEnGros
Pack 5 Pcs Ring OG21124 - SacEnGros
Pack 5 Pcs Ring OG21123 - SacEnGros
Pack 5 Pcs Ring OG21121 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21118 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21117 - SacEnGros
Bracelet OG21116 - SacEnGros
Necklace OG21115 - SacEnGros

Cork jewelry wholesaler

Wholesale cork jewelry, for the purchase of accessories in quantity at low price. SacEnGros, your wholesale jewelery made of cork made in Portugal, for quality articles at a competitive price. Discover a variety of fashionable products right now.


Cork jewelery that will satisfy your customers

Rings, necklaces and other objects made of fashion cork are essential for women. They embellish the finery, are often symbolic and are also offered as present. These accessories are particularly trendy and are still very popular. SacEnGros, your jewelry wholesaler with cork, selects for you a whole range of quality cork necklaces and rings in the fashion of the moment. Made of cork and metal, these fashion accessories are stylish and will be ideal to wear for various occasions. They will, for example, be perfect for city outings, birthdays and dinners with friends. Their remarkable finishes make them particularly aesthetic. Going through a jewelry wholesaler is advantageous for professionals who want to make big profits when selling. They will also have the opportunity to find various models in one place.


Cork products and services that contribute to your professional success

On our online store, you will find rings, bracelets and cork necklaces in various shapes to satisfy the fairer sex. You will find for example those in the shape of heart, clover, owl and so many others. By going through your jewelry wholesaler, SacEnGros, you can buy these jewelry items at a low price. By opening a pro account with us, you will enjoy several benefits. We offer a personalized business relationship in order to help you carry out your project. You will enjoy new arrivals of jewelry items in keeping with trends constantly. For a single service, we will propose you to create an account in order to perfectly meet your requirements. You will be able to find fashion accessories that will expand your customer base and contribute to greater profitability.

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