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Lipstick matte Nr 15 - Leticia Well - U11360 5 - SacEnGros
Lipstick matte Nr 14 - Leticia Well - U11360 4 - SacEnGros
Lipstick matte Nr 13 - Leticia Well - U11360 3 - SacEnGros
Lipstick matte Nr 12 - Leticia Well - U11360 2 - SacEnGros
Lipstick matte Nr 11 - Leticia Well - U11360 1 - SacEnGros
Pack 24 Pcs Lipstick matte - Leticia Well - 11360 - SacEnGros
Pack 24 Pcs Lipstick matte - Leticia Well - 11308 1 - SacEnGros
Palette 2 blush + 2 highlighter Nr 143 - Leticia Well - U44158 3 - SacEnGros
Palette 2 blush + 2 highlighter Nr 142 - Leticia Well - U44158 2 - SacEnGros
Palette 2 blush + 2 highlighter Nr 141 - Leticia Well - U44158 1 - SacEnGros
Pack 18 Pcs Palette 2 blush + 2 highlighter - Leticia Well - 44158 - SacEnGros
Lip gloss flavor Orange - Leticia Well - U11576 6 - SacEnGros

Sac En Gros: your make-up wholesaler with unbeatable value for money!

Do you sell makeup and other beauty products in your store? Are you looking for a supplier to order your cosmetic products for your customers? Sac En Gros is not just a wholesaler of handbags: it is also a wholesale of makeup products!

Let yourself be tempted by our wide range of professional quality makeup. We offer affordable prices so that you can make an attractive margin on resale.

You will find all the inexpensive make-up products that your clients are looking for to put on make-up: complexion make-up, eye make-up or even nail polish.


A wide choice of makeup products at discount prices!

Our makeup range is ultra-complete to allow you to offer everything your clients need. Our products are of high quality and long lasting thanks to the pigments present.

Give your clients everything they need to enhance their eyes: eyeliner for glamorous doe eyes, eye shadow and eye shadow to create a pretty smoky eye, mascara to lengthen lashes to infinity, pencils eyebrows to structure the eyebrows, eyelash curlers, makeup brushes to apply and blend eye shadows…

Once the eyes are made up, your clients will be able to unify their complexion, hide their imperfections and blur their pores for a tanned flawless complexion! You will find all the essential products for the complexion: compact powder, complexion corrector, concealer, liquid foundation, illuminator, mattifying foundation, loose powder, sun powder ...


Order our make-up products in batches and please your customers!

Our make-up products for the complexion and contouring are available in different shades for maximum coverage and a guaranteed healthy glow! They can be applied by finger or with sponges or special applicators available on our site.

Facial makeup can be natural makeup with only the eyes and complexion worked or more sophisticated by adding the application of blush and blush in different shades and colors.

You can also offer your customers different shades of lipsticks with intense pigments for long-lasting hold on the lips. Give them the choice with the gloss for full and shiny lips!

Finally, for a perfect manicure or pedicure, find our nail polishes from major brands. Order now!

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