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Sac En Gros: your wholesaler for buying makeup accessories

Do you have a cosmetics and makeup shop? Looking to expand your range with professional quality makeup accessories at low prices? You are in the right place !

Sac En Gros is a supplier of cosmetics and accessories that will allow your customers to achieve natural or sophisticated makeup using applicators, brushes and sponges. Our accessories are available at low prices to allow you to offer an attractive price to your customers while generating an attractive margin.


Makeup accessories: essential for applying makeup!

In any makeup bag, there is obviously eye makeup, makeup for the complexion and lipstick at a minimum. But there are also essential accessories to unify the complexion, camouflage imperfections and redness, blend eye shadow, add shades to lipsticks...

This is why on our e-shop, you will find ultra-soft makeup brushes for eye makeup, to apply compact powder, loose powder, bronzer or sun powder, but also to mark the cheekbones by applying blush or blush.

A sponge is also available to stretch the fluid foundation for an even result and a flawless complexion.


Makeup accessories at the best price!

We regularly receive new makeup products and accessories. Depending on the arrivals, you can find on our online store: an applicator brush for lipstick, a lip pencil to outline the lips, an eyelash curler to facilitate the application of mascara or even a make-up remover for gently remove makeup.

You can also order useful items for manicure and pedicure such as a set of nail clippers, nail files, toe separators, nail polish remover... but also mirrors, makeup organizers, makeup storage cases and accessories...

Offer everything your clients need to apply makeup: place an order and discover everything we offer related to beauty (eyeshadow, nail polish, eyeliner, concealer, makeup palettes, etc.) .

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