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Pack 24 Pcs mascara 33028 - SacEnGros
Pack 24 Pcs mascara 33043 - SacEnGros

Sac En Gros: your eye makeup wholesaler

Do you have a cosmetics store and are looking to acquire new, quality, inexpensive eye makeup products? Good thing, Sac En Gros has a wide range of complete professional eye makeup!

You will be able to satisfy your customers by offering them a large selection of eye makeup at an unbeatable price-quality ratio (while ensuring you an attractive margin on resale).


Our range of eye makeup products

Applying make-up to the eyes is one of the essential gestures for your clients who want to enlarge their eyes and make a natural or more elaborate beauty. Thanks to our position as a supplier, we can offer you a wide choice of eye makeup that will enhance brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes.

You will find eye shadows of all colors, eye shadow palettes for making smoky eyes, long-lasting intense volume mascara in several shades, liquid eyeliner for a sure doe eye result or even pencils to redraw the eyebrows or make a smoky eye (using the kohl pencil).

Our beauty products are suitable for sensitive eyes and you won't find a lower price than here!


What eye makeup advice can you give your clients?

When your customers come to your store, they are looking for inexpensive makeup, as well as beauty tips for applying makeup and playing with shades.

You can give them techniques to draw an eyeliner line or a crisp black pencil line at the lash line. Advise them to use a white pencil in the lower lining of the eye to enlarge the gaze.

Depending on the color of their eyes, direct them towards a make-up palette, an eye shadow or a long-lasting eye shadow of a different color: coral, purple, caramel, beige, mother-of-pearl, brown… The eyeshadows are applied on the eyelid and can be faded using makeup brushes.

You can also recommend that they use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to tame the lashes. Target what your customers want: natural make-up with a little blush on the inner corner of the eye and mascara on the upper lashes, sophisticated and glamorous make-up ... And order without further delay!

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