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Sac en Gros: Your Nail Makeup Wholesaler

Your customers should be able to find all the makeup products they need in your store to look their best! Lucky for you, Sac En Gros is also a supplier of cosmetic products for nails and hand beauty.

We offer beauty products to enhance the natural beauty of all your clients. Here you will find professional quality nail products at discount prices.


Applying nail polish to hands and feet

On the nail polish side, we offer brands with intense pigments to ensure a long hold for your clients (4 to 5 days without flaking). But before applying the color of their choice, your clients can use a transparent primer to protect their damaged nails.

Second step: the application of a protective base coat so that the nail does not yellow because of the varnish. Then, your clients can apply two to three coats of pastel, glitter, rhinestone, French manicure, red, coral or green nail polish...

Last step: the application of a top coat for the shine and hold of the nail art. Putting on nail polish can be a good way to avoid biting your nails and therefore making them brittle.

Last possible advice: between two varnish applications, it is better to let the nail breathe and consolidate.


All the essentials for a manicure and pedicure!

For the beauty of the nails of the hands and feet, we offer all the aesthetic products that your clients will need. Before applying the varnish, it is essential to use a nail clipper and a nail file in order to give a beautiful shape to the nails.

The bottle of acetone remover is also essential to remove varnish or smudges during application. Depending on the arrivals, you will also find a cuticle pusher in boxwood to prepare the nails for the application of the varnish.

Creams and hand care are recommended to have beautiful nails and very soft hands. And for a smudge-free pedicure, sell your clients the toe separators!

Also discover our other make-up products on our e-shop: mascara, eyebrow pencils, eye shadow, foundation, accessories...

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