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Pack 18 Pcs Body Serum - The Fruit Company - 718858 - SacEnGros
Anti wrinkle Body Serum - The Fruit Company - 718813 - SacEnGros
Firming Body Serum - The Fruit Company - 718820 - SacEnGros
Anti-Stretch Mark Body Serum - The Fruit Company - 718806 - SacEnGros
Pack 20 Pcs Body Lotion - The Fruit Company - 717254 - SacEnGros
Lip balm flavor Cherry - Leticia Well - U11220B 6 - SacEnGros
Lip balm flavor Strawberry - Leticia Well - U11220B 5 - SacEnGros
Lip balm flavor Banana - Leticia Well - U11220B 4 - SacEnGros
Lip balm flavor Orange - Leticia Well - U11220B 3 - SacEnGros
Lip balm flavor Melon - Leticia Well - U11220B 2 - SacEnGros
Lip balm flavor Candy - Leticia Well - U11220B 1 - SacEnGros
Pack 24 Pcs Vaseline - Leticia Well - 11233 - SacEnGros

Sac En Gros, your wholesaler of personal care products

Are you looking for quality and inexpensive care products to satisfy your customers? Do you want to obtain attractive prices to maximize your profit margin on the various make-up products? You are in the right place !

At Sac En Gros, we provide you with beauty products and cosmetics at unbeatable value for money. As a supplier, we offer you body care and facial treatments that will please all your customers in store. Create your online account without delay and place an order with your care product wholesaler.


Body products at wholesale prices!

Our body creams, botanical body oils and exfoliants are designed to hydrate, nourish and beautify your clients' skin, getting rid of blemishes. Our products are suitable for all skin types and are suitable for both women and men.

We are committed to providing resale professionals with value-for-money products you won't find anywhere else.


A wide range of products for hands, nails and lips

Your customers are also looking for ranges of hand cream with fruity and light scents, lip balms that are pleasant to use and treatments for the nails in order to consolidate them after the removal of a semi-permanent nail polish.

At Sac En Gros, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments to moisturize and protect sensitive areas of the body. Also discover our scented disinfectant wipes which replace the often too aggressive hydro-alcoholic gels and our lip glosses, which are very popular with customers.


Why choose Sac En Gros as your personal care products wholesaler?

At Sac En Gros, we make it a point of honor to offer you quality products at attractive prices. By choosing us as a supplier of care products for your store, you will not only benefit from excellent value for money but also from available and responsive customer service.

We are attentive to our customers and we are committed to responding quickly to all your requests. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to advise you and assist you in the choice of a face cream, a body treatment or a protective oil.

By choosing Sac En Gros, you are opting for an ultra-competitive price that will allow you to offer inexpensive products to your customers while benefiting from an attractive margin on resale. What are you waiting for to order your care products from us?

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