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Sac En Gros: your wholesaler for tools and watch batteries

At Sac En Gros, we are not only a supplier of bags and leather goods. We also offer jewelry, make-up, accessories of all kinds and watches at low prices to allow you to benefit from an attractive margin on resale, while offering an affordable price to your customers.

On this page of our e-shop, you will find watch repair kits and watch batteries that you can offer to your customers to repair their wrist jewelry.

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Make upsells with watch tools and batteries!

Your customers when they come to the store are looking for an object but also for advice on how to make a purchase. If they come to buy a watch, remember to highlight your repair kit, the tools needed to open the watch and change the battery.

You can also offer a watch box or a decreasing price if your customer buys several watches so that he can change the jewel on his wrist according to his mood and the outfit he is wearing.


How do I change a watch battery?

Start by advising your customers to come to the store to change the battery of a waterproof watch. Indeed, they could not test the water resistance of the watch at home once the battery was changed.

Start by opening the watch using the tool kit. For a case with a screwed back, it will be necessary to use an adjustable case opener by positioning the tool on the notches and turning gently.

If the case has a clipped back, you will need to use a watchmaker's knife to pry and remove the back of the watch.

Step Two: Remove the casing ring and old battery using tweezers or tweezers.

Last step: you have to replace the casing circle by positioning the notch of the strapping at the level of the stem of the crown.

On a clipped back, simply place the back and use a bracket to apply pressure and refit the back. On a screwed case back, you have to screw the case back in by hand at first, then finish with the adjustable case opener to tighten it properly.

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