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Sac En Gros: your wholesaler child backpack

It's not just adults who have the right to have a practical backpack to carry their things on walks! Our online store is also aimed at your little customers by offering models of backpacks for girls and boys at supplier prices.

School backpack to replace the school bag, small children's bag to store their things and go on a hike ... Our children's bags adapt to their morphology with a smaller capacity than for adults and adjustable straps to keep the bag closer to the spine and avoid back problems.

A children's backpack for boys and girls

Thanks to regular arrivals, our collections are constantly updated to offer sports, weekend, trekking or school bags for all the tastes of your little customers.

The mini nursery or primary school backpack is in the image of their favorite cartoon: Paw Patrol, Red Riding Hood, the Lion King or the Snow Queen. Enough to look forward to the start of the school year! They will also be able to choose their first school bag to store their soft toy, their water bottle, their slippers and their cap with a tiger, a hippo, an alligator, a cute owl, an elephant, a sequined giraffe, a dinosaur, unicorn or flamingo printed on top.

Depending on the arrivals, we also have children's bags with Liberty, cactus, crocodile or ladybug prints, but also more classic bags in khaki, blue, black or red.


A school bag, but not only!

The school bag to carry on the back is not only intended for school children to store their school supplies, pencil case and binders. It can be used as a weekend bag to store their toiletry bag and a change of clothes if they are going to sleep with a friend or their grandparents.

The children's backpack is also used to go for a walk. The main compartment is spacious enough to hold a water bottle and a picnic. It can be used as a sports bag for boys and girls. Their sports gear can be stowed away in the large zippered compartment.

Do not hesitate to order to offer a wide choice of children's bags to your customers!

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