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Bag Wholesale: your wholesaler computer backpack and laptop sleeve

Are you a professional and you sell leather goods in your store? You are in the right place ! With us, as a wholesaler, we are here to boost your range of bags with everything you need: handbags for strolling, backpacks for adventure, travel bags for getting away , everyday shopping bags and of course, our essential 15-inch computer bags. All this so that your collection is the most top and varied possible!

Designed to protect the laptop of your customers, our bags take different forms: computer backpack, shoulder bag, handbag ... We receive new products regularly, do not hesitate to drop by every week to discover the new models shockproof laptop sleeves.


The laptop bag or the backpack: leave the choice to your customers

On our online store, you will find different formats for a laptop bag: the computer backpack or the HP laptop bag, Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. In all cases, we take special care in the design of our products which are made to resist shock and protect the computer from scratches so that your customers can transport it safely.

Optimal protection is possible thanks to the impact padding. Then it's a matter of taste. The backpack allows you to have your hands free and to benefit from more storage space. The computer bag can be carried with the handles in the hand or over the shoulder using the removable and adjustable carrying strap. More efficient and easier to carry than a laptop sleeve without a lanyard!


The computer bag as cabin baggage

No matter what your customers choose, the storage spaces are such that they make the laptop bag or zippered backpack the perfect companion for air travel. In the main compartment, your customers can slide their computer.

In the other available storage such as the side pockets or the front pocket, it is possible to store a laptop charger, an external hard drive, headphones, a pen and a mobile phone for quick access. The large compartment is sometimes split in two in order to use the laptop bag as a briefcase for a notepad without risking damage to the PC.

Discover the different colors of our models of computer bags for men and women: beige, khaki, purple, black, brown, navy blue, gray ... And take advantage of discount prices throughout the store!

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