Leather handbag EL5681 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5621 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5636PF - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5671PF - SacEnGros
Leather crossbody bag EL5603 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5602 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5601 1 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5600 - SacEnGros
Leather crossbody bag 1988-2 - SacEnGros
Leather crossbody bag 1988-1 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5630 - SacEnGros
Leather handbag EL5622 - SacEnGros

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Wholesaler Italian leather handbags for women, your supplier presents an elegant collection with trendy lines, discover a selection of leather bag at wholesale prices from and made in Italy available for sale. Do not hesitate to offer leather goods models of superior quality to reach a wider customer base. We invite you to visit the wholesale collection to expand your range of fashion accessories and bags at low prices. For those who wish to resell premium quality products we invite you to discover the new leather bag collection of the brand Elenco, the famous luxury brand made in Portugal.

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