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Air-Val: Your Children's Perfume Wholesaler

Welcome to the enchanted world of children's perfumes from Sac En Gros, your children's perfume supplier and wholesaler. We are really delighted to work with Air-Val, a brand well known for its magical perfumes made especially for children. We strongly believe in the effect of joyful and healthy scents that awaken the imagination of little ones. We have a mission that is close to our hearts: to bring a smile to the faces of little ones with our perfumes. This is how we became the champions of children's perfume. With us, it's not just a question of smelling good, it's a whole adventure! We take great care to ensure that our perfumes are gentle on children's skin and that they are as healthy as they are fun. Come see for yourself: in our world of perfumes, each little bottle has its own story to tell, a story that smells of joy and imagination.


The Secrets of a Healthy Childish Fragrance with Air-Val

At Sac En Gros, the quality and safety of children's perfumes are essential. This is why we are proud of our partnership with Air-Val, a name synonymous with trust and innovation in the world of fragrances for young people. Children's perfumes of this brand are distinguished by their carefully crafted composition. We know that the skin of little ones is super delicate. So, to be sure not to annoy them, we said goodbye to parabens in our perfumes. And that’s not all, oh no! The alcohol we use? It comes from plants! This way, we can be sure that our perfumes are very gentle and super safe for our young nose adventurers. And when you take a bottle of Air-Val, you can rest easy: it's serious, top quality, everything so that the little ones enjoy their perfumes without any worries. Each spray is a little cloud of safe and healthy happiness!


A Universe of Attractive Licenses for Children

Children's imagination is limitless, and at Sac En Gros, we love to nourish it with captivating fragrances. In partnership with Air-Val, we offer an exceptional collection of licensed fragrances that make children's eyes shine. Discover our flagship licenses like Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Nickelodeon, and Hello Kitty, which transform scent time into an exciting adventure. Each fragrance is designed to evoke the worlds of their favorite characters, making each spray of perfume a fun and memorable experience. We love it when things get magical! That's why we've partnered with awesome brands like Disney and Marvel. We don’t just sell perfumes, no no! We open the door to incredible adventures, stories where each spray is a ticket to dreamland. Imagine: a little splash and presto, the children find themselves among their favorite heroes, with smiles like that! Each bottle of Air-Val is a promise of travel into a world where each perfume tells a fantastic story, a story that leaves room for wonder and joy. With us, each scent is a little adventure in itself!


Why Choose Sac En Gros as your Children's Perfume Wholesaler?

When it comes to children's perfumes, making the right choice of wholesaler is crucial. Sac En Gros is not just a name on an invoice, it's your traveling buddy in the wonderful world of perfumes for little ones. We are a bit like the champions of children's perfumes, and we are very proud of it! When you choose us, you not only leave with super cool licensed perfumes, but also with excellent customer service, professional expertise and deliveries right on time. We know that choosing the right perfume for little ones is important, and we are here to help you make children's eyes shine while keeping peace of mind. At Sac En Gros, we are more than a supplier of children's perfume, we are the partner who really understands what your business is looking for.

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