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Dr Zoo at Sac En Gros: Leading Wholesaler in Freshness for Animals

Welcome to the privileged space of Sac En Gros, where expertise and passion for animal welfare meet. As an authorized distributor, we are delighted to present our exclusive selection from the specialist brand, known for its commitment to the freshness and comfort of our furry, feathery or scaly companions. This collaboration illustrates our desire to offer an offer adapted to each need, by providing innovative olfactory solutions for spaces shared with animals. Our carefully chosen range is intended for all those who seek to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment, both for humans and for our animal friends. Join us to explore deodorizing solutions that combine effectiveness, respect for nature and safety for the occupants of your home or vehicle.

Explore Our Dr Zoo Selection

In the world of care for our friends with fur, feathers, or scales, finding products that are both effective and respectful of their well-being is essential. This is where our exclusive selection comes in, offering you a range of air fresheners specially designed to meet these needs. To discover the full variety of our offers, do not hesitate to visit our Room Fragrance category, where you will find solutions perfectly suited to every corner of your life.

  • Home Spray Supplier: Our collection includes indoor sprays that neutralize odors without harming pet health. Easy to use, they leave behind a lasting feeling of cleanliness and freshness, without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Wholesaler Mikado: Scented sticks, or Mikados, offer an elegant and continuous solution to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in your spaces. Perfect for rooms where animals spend a lot of time, they diffuse a light but effective scent.
  • Wholesale Air Freshener to Hang in the Car and Spray for Your Car: For those who often travel with their companions, we have specific solutions. Our hanging air fresheners and car sprays fight pet odors and freshen the air, making every drive more pleasant.

These products are not only an ideal choice for personal use but also represent a golden opportunity for professionals in the animal sector, such as veterinarians, pet stores, or auto centers. By choosing to source from us, you guarantee your customers proven solutions for a fresher and healthier environment.

The Exclusive Benefits of Dr Zoo

Choosing this brand to care for the environment of our pets and our shared spaces comes with a set of unique benefits, highlighting the importance of quality and confidence in choosing suitable products.

  • Adaptability to Animal Needs: The products are specifically formulated to be safe for animals, taking into account their more developed olfactory sensitivity. You can go there with your eyes closed with our products! They are made to make your pets' lives even more pleasant, we promise. And then, who wouldn't want clean, fresh air for their four-legged friends?
  • For every corner of your life, we have what you need: at home, in the car or even at work, our solutions are tailor-made for each situation. We know that each space has its own little specificities, so we've racked our brains to offer you the best of the best, tailored exactly to what you're looking for. This ensures lasting freshness and effective odor neutralization, whatever the situation.
  • Opportunity for Professionals: For veterinarians, pet stores, and auto centers, offering Dr Zoo means offering customers a brand recognized for its effectiveness and compliance with animal welfare standards. This strengthens customer confidence and enhances the service and product offering.
  • A Commitment to Authenticity: By sourcing through our network, you have the assurance of obtaining high-quality, authentic products. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of your customers and in their loyalty.

Opting for Dr Zoo through Sac En Gros means choosing a brand that stands out for its commitment to animal welfare and the air quality of our habitats, while benefiting from reliable professional support for expand your offering of specialized products.


The Sac En Gros Commitment: More than a Distributor

Our mission goes beyond the simple distribution of products; we position ourselves as partners in your success. Our collaboration with Dr Zoo illustrates this commitment to providing you not only with superior quality air fresheners but also with comprehensive support to enrich your commercial offering.

Choosing us is the promise of top quality and real products from real home. We know how much trust matters to you and your customers, so we guarantee the best, without compromise.

Our selection is designed to meet all needs: whether at home, in the car, or for work, we have the perfect solution. And if you hesitate, our team is here to guide you, with smart advice to make your offers irresistible.

With us, it's more than just a business; it’s a true partnership to grow together. Taking advantage of our network means ensuring fair prices and products that everyone approves of. We are with you every step of the way, ready to boost your business with our know-how. At Sac En Gros, we are fully committed to ensuring that you and your animals always have the best.

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