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EDT Last Frontier - Linn Young - 44NLY148 - SacEnGros
EDT City Man - Linn Young - 44LYM149 - SacEnGros
EDP Club 420 City Women - Linn Young - 44NLY087 - SacEnGros
EDT Club 420 Black - Linn Young - 44LYM147 - SacEnGros
EDP Coeur Pure - Linn Young - 44NLY071 - SacEnGros
EDP Top Charms - Linn Young - 44NLY093 - SacEnGros
EDP Rosiale Paris - Linn Young - 44LYM084 - SacEnGros
EDP Blue 4 You - Linn Young - 44NLY090 - SacEnGros
EDP Coeur Frivole - Linn Young - 44NLY069 - SacEnGros
EDT The One Beyond Black - Linn Young - 44NLY155 - SacEnGros
EDT Wild Adventure Absolu - Linn Young - 44NLY151 - SacEnGros
EDT Pure Luck - Linn Young - 44NLY135 - SacEnGros

The Linn Young perfume brand at your Sac En Gros wholesaler

Your online supplier Sac En Gros offers you perfumery and cosmetic products. Discover a wide selection of perfume brands and in particular the Linn Young brand which guarantees you exquisite fragrances that your customers will appreciate.

Linn Young perfumes were created to meet the needs of your customers who are looking for a variety of scents to suit their tastes and their personality, while being affordable in terms of prices. Place your order without delay by creating your professional reseller account!


The elegant and refined perfumes of the Linn Young brand

The Linn Young brand offers perfumes with elegant and refined bottles with original designs that reflect the olfactory universe of each fragrance.

Linn Young perfumes are distinguished by their unique olfactory composition. They are developed by experienced perfumers who use essences to create original scents.

Perfumes for men offer woody, spicy, aromatic and musky notes while perfumes for women offer floral, fruity, gourmet or oriental scents.


Linn Young perfumes with various scents!

Linn Young fragrances are available in a variety of forms, including eau de toilette, eau de parfum, eau fraîche or eau de cologne.

Linn Young fragrances have excellent staying power and remarkable diffusion, delivering a trail that will follow your customers all day long. Vaporizers and sprays allow easy and precise application, for an unforgettable olfactory experience.

Among the scents offered, we find quality ingredients such as patchouli, sandalwood, musk, bergamot, citrus fruits, jasmine, orange blossom, lavender, vanilla, vetiver, cedar, mandarin, pepper, tuberose, ginger, neroli, gardenia, raspberry, tonka bean, geranium, violet and many more.

Each scent is unique and reveals a different personality, so that everyone can choose the fragrance that suits them best.


Linn Young perfumes for all budgets!

At Sac En Gros, we are convinced that wearing perfume should not be a luxury. This is why we offer perfume brands at affordable prices that allow you to offer variety to your customers, while benefiting from an attractive margin on resale.

Linn Young is a perfume brand that has nothing to envy to the biggest luxury perfume brands such as Rochas, Giorgio Armani, Thierry Mugler, Hermès, Nina Ricci, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Roger Gallet, Lolita Lempicka , Paco Rabanne or Dolce & Gabbana.

Share the Linn Young olfactory experience with your customers: place an order now! We do not impose any minimum purchase, delivery times are fast so as not to leave you without stock and our customer service is at your disposal throughout our collaboration.

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