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Ambiance perfume for car - Gingerbread - Prady 10089 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Vanilla - Prady 10081 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Oriental Journey - Prady 10087 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Cotton - Prady 10091 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Oud and Rose - Prady 10095 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Marihuana - Prady 10083 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Red fruits - Prady 10065 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Lollipop - Prady 10073 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Tomato - Prady 10093 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Hammam - Prady 10067 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Mango - Prady 10069 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Lavender - Prady 10079 - SacEnGros

Discover Prady: Excellence in Home Fragrances at Sac En Gros

Welcome to Sac En Gros, the partner of choice for retailers looking for excellence in home fragrances. We are proud to be the home fragrance wholesaler and official distributor of the Prady brand, synonymous with quality and elegance. Offer your customers the opportunity to perfume their interiors with refinement thanks to our diverse selection: harmonious Mikado Prady, aesthetic scented flowers, practical room sprays and Prady car perfumes that transform each trip into an olfactory adventure. Discover the Prady brand perfume collection and see why we are considered one of the best online wholesalers in France.


Our Prady Range

Elegance and Aromas with Mikado
Each Mikado is an invitation to discover refined scents that blend into the ambiance of any commercial space. Offered at competitive prices, these fragrance diffusers are carefully selected to captivate and delight. As an expert supplier, we meet the specific needs of your customers with a variety of fragrances.

Scented Flowers: Decorative and Captivating
Our fragrant flowers go beyond their primary function; they are a real decorative asset that seduces the eye and smell. As a distributor, we offer creations that combine visual beauty and captivating fragrances, perfect for beautifying any interior.

Room Sprays: Immediate Freshness
For a renewed atmosphere in an instant, our room sprays are the ideal solution. Easy to use, they transform the atmosphere of your commercial space with a note of freshness that will delight your customers.

Perfumes for Vehicles: Unique Olfactory Signatures
Offer your customers the opportunity to personalize their journeys with our vehicle fragrances. These essences, selected for their long-lasting hold, bring a touch of distinction that will make each trip unforgettable.


Why Choose Wholesale Bag?

Expertise and Quality at Your Service
At Sac En Gros, we know that you, like your customers, expect the best. That's why we don't play with quality. Do you want room fragrances that stand out? You are in the right place ! With us, you are sure to find a selection that evolves in step with trends, so that your store is always up to date. We are here to guarantee you top-notch stock and new products that make the difference. Trust us, and let your commercial space reinvent itself!

Competitive Prices, Unparalleled Quality
Sac En Gros' commitment to its customers is simple: to offer the best quality at unbeatable prices. As a France Prady wholesaler, we are able to offer great prices without compromising excellence. Whether for mikados, room sprays, or car perfumes, our wholesale prices are designed to maximize your margin while delighting your customers with exceptional products.


Prady: A Sensory Journey

An Ode to the Diversity of Aromas
The Prady universe is a celebration of the senses, a palette of fragrances selected to evoke memories and create new experiences. Each product is a passport to a sensory journey: from mikados that disperse their delicate scent in the air, to sprays that instantly refresh, to car perfumes that make every journey pleasant. These essences, resulting from a meticulous selection, are your promise of a sublime atmosphere.

Spain at the Heart of Your Space
With origins proudly anchored in Spain, Prady embodies Mediterranean excellence in perfumery. Each creation reflects the brand's commitment to capturing the essence of Spain, bringing a touch of exoticism and elegance that sets it apart in the field of home fragrances.


Enhance Your Business with Prady

Your Invitation to Enchant with Prady

We have guided you through the quintessence of home fragrances from Prady, a brand that stands out for its heritage, diversity and accessibility. Sac En Gros is more than a supplier; it is a partner dedicated to excellence, offering merchants a wise choice to elevate their customers' experience. By choosing our Prady range, you are opting for products that speak for themselves, creating unforgettable ambiances.

Join Us and Enhance Your Spaces

We are here to support you in your selection, guaranteeing quality products and prices that support the growth of your business. Discover the Prady perfume collection, the Mikado range, scented flowers, sprays and car perfumes. Choose to enrich your sales spaces with aromas that attract and build customer loyalty.

Sac En Gros, your trusted wholesaler, is waiting for you to explore together the captivating world of Prady home fragrances.

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