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Body cream - Blackberry - The Fruit Company - 713795 1 - SacEnGros
Body cream - Watermelon - The Fruit Company - 718615 1 - SacEnGros
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Body cream - Coconuts - The Fruit Company - 713290 1 - SacEnGros
Body cream - Strawberry and Cream - The Fruit Company - 713276 1 - SacEnGros
Body butter - Strawberry gum - 718035 - SacEnGros
Hand gel mousse - Strawberry and Cream - 713573 - SacEnGros
Hand cream  Green Apple TFC015 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for closet - Watermelon - 712354S - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Watermelon - 717823 - SacEnGros
Ambiance perfume for car - Coconuts - 712255 - SacEnGros
Hand cream  Melon TFC016 - SacEnGros

The Fruit Company brand by the wholesaler Sac En Gros

Sac En Gros is a perfume and cosmetics supplier offering you low prices on a wide selection of products. Our credo? Value for money you won't find anywhere else!

The Fruit Company is a brand offering a wide range of cosmetics such as hand creams, body creams, lip balms, hand cleansing gels, scented wipes, but also home fragrances and eau de toilette.

Discover the different products of The Fruit Company brand offered on Sac En Gros and order without delay to test them in your shop. You can create your professional account for free and choose your products!


The products offered by The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company offers different products with fruity scents:

  • Eau de toilette with light scents, perfect for a first perfume: mango, strawberry and cream, cherry, blackberry, coconut, apple, melon, vanilla, peach...
  • Body cream: coconut, blackberry, strawberry
  • Hand cream: strawberry, pineapple, melon, coconut, green apple, blackberry…
  • Lip balm: melon, blackberry, strawberry
  • Foaming hand soap and cleansing gel: coconut, banana, strawberry, melon...
  • Scented wipes: coconut, strawberry
  • Home fragrance in different forms (for the house or the car): coconut, melon, cherry, strawberry, red fruits, blackberry, apple, mango, dragon fruit, grapefruit, pineapple...

The packaging of the bottles is playful and will be perfect for children, teenagers or to create a fruity atmosphere in the house or car.


The attractive prices of Sac En Gros for the brand The Fruit Company

On our online Sac En Gros supplier site, you can order The Fruit Company brand products individually or in batches. We offer prices that defy all competition to allow you to generate an interesting margin on resale while keeping prices attractive for your customers.

We deliver quickly anywhere in France, at a single price and with no minimum purchase. Our customer service is at your disposal if you need information or any assistance to place your order.

Test The Fruit Company products! Place an order on our online store, without having to travel and therefore waste time.

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