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Sac En Gros for pajamas at wholesale prices!

Your customers deserve comfortable nights in the pajamas of their choice. As a supplier of accessories and clothing, we offer a wide range of pajamas of all kinds and for all seasons so that your customers have a choice for their wardrobe.

Choose which pajamas to offer in store to your customers, create your professional account on our online site and place an order with no minimum purchase. Delivery is done quickly, everywhere in France and Europe.


What style of pajamas should you choose?

If at the base, man and woman went to bed with the same garment (a long nightgown), since the 19th century, the styles have differentiated and the models have begun to vary. Nightwear has entered the world of fashion and ready-to-wear.

For men, the pajamas take the form of flowing trousers and a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt in light fabric. In summer, the pants are shortened into wide shorts to spend the night in the cool.

Women have more choice in nightwear: they can choose models similar to those of men but also playsuits, nighties or even shorts and lace camisole sets.


What to look for when choosing pajamas?

Choosing pajamas is personal. When some favor comfort, others will look for classy pajamas to wear without shame at breakfast with the in-laws. Still others will want rather sexy pajamas to spend the night with their conquest.

What is important for you as a reseller is to give your customers the choice according to their desires and preferences.

The main purpose of wearing pajamas is to keep the body warm, as it undergoes temperature fluctuations during the night. Today, pajamas are becoming a real indoor garment to wear when coming home from work.

With checks, stripes, teddy bears or solid colours, women's pajamas or men's pajamas can be worn coordinated or mismatched. It is exposed today as a real fashion outfit.

For the material, advise your customers to bet on comfort. Cotton, lace, velvet and elastane are perfect materials for the night. Recommend to your customers to choose a size above theirs to be comfortable at night.

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