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Sac En Gros is also your socks wholesaler!

For your store, discover our wide range of pairs of fancy socks at low prices that will keep the toes of the whole family warm! As a supplier, we can offer you unbeatable prices on a variety of warm socks for women, men and children.

Buy lots of inexpensive plain or colorful socks for your clothing and accessories store! And come back from time to time to discover the new models according to the regular arrivals.


Comfortable socks for men, women and children

We are proud to offer comfortable socks for men, women and children. Our socks are of very good quality, offering excellent support at the calf for high socks and at the ankle for low socks. They are easy to put on, soft and pleasant to wear, avoiding chafing for optimal comfort and a second skin effect. In addition, the toes and the heel are reinforced to guarantee a longer life of the socks.

We also offer a variety of models to match all occasions and seasons, such as wool and polyester socks to keep feet warm in winter, thin and light socks to limit sweating in summer, thick cotton socks and elastane, as well as pairs of socks for all tastes.


What if socks were more than underwear?

Forget about knee high sports socks, white socks or classic black socks! What if you presented socks to your customers as real fashion accessories?

Worn with sneakers, the sock is revealed with colorful prints or stripes. On our e-shop, you will find both sober socks with elegant details as well as multicolored socks, striped or with lace for a sexy look with heeled ankle boots.

Many colors are available to match each wardrobe: khaki, blue, navy, light gray, marled brown, beige but also with polka dots, with a bow or colored seams.


Sac En Gros offers you a wide range of socks made in Portugal, perfect for clothing and accessories shops looking for a sock wholesaler in Aubervilliers, France, Lyon, Marseille, Belgium and other areas. Fancy socks at low prices are ideal for completing the wardrobe of the whole family with style and comfort. With various designs, colorful prints, stripes and other stylish details, Sac En Gros socks are more than just underwear, they are real fashion accessories. And with the possibility of buying lots of socks at unbeatable prices, you don't have to wait until Christmas to offer these attractive products to your customers.

Look no further, Sac En Gros is the sock wholesaler of choice for your shop.

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